Christopher A. White is an accomplished film and television professional who has extensive experience in production and post-production.

Born and raised in the rural setting of Fulton County, Illinois, his pastoral upbringing fostered a creative spirit and a strong desire to realize his dreams. Chris first developed an interest in filmmaking while studying creative writing and theatre at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. After graduating, he relocated to Southern California, where he earned an MFA from the Chapman University School of Film and Television.

Chris has been involved with a vast array of award-winning productions, from cutting edge television shows such as the hit Showtime series "Californication" to enlightening documentaries such as "Mr. K: A Common Man With Uncommon Vision". He has also produced several short films, including "Solace" and "Outside the Window", that have screened at notable film festivals around the world.

From writing to producing, and everything in between, Chris has the creativity and knowledge to cultivate successful film and television productions.